• Great American Teach-In at

    Pinellas Central Elementary

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             You have the power to enrich a kid’s life – in as little as half an hour.


    The Great American Teach-In is part of Pinellas County Schools’ annual American Education Week celebration. It is a special opportunity for you to visit Pinellas Central Elementary and share what you know with a new generation. The 2022 event is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 15th, 2023. Opportunities are available from 9am – 2pm, and you may choose to spend 30 minutes, one or two hours, or stay for the entire day. The amount of time you volunteer is determined strictly by what your schedule permits and what the teacher wants to accomplish. Whatever the length of your visit, you can make a difference. And, as thousands of previous Great American Teach-In participants have discovered, the experience is truly rewarding.


    Teach-In tips:

    • Plan for 10-20 students per classroom.

    • Consider wearing attire appropriate to the occupation, hobby, or other topic you plan to discuss.

    • When you arrive at school, please check in at the office with your driver’s license to pick up your name tag.

    Someone will greet you and accompany you to your classroom.

    • If you plan to bring printed or audiovisual materials, please check with the school Teach-In coordinator in advance.


    If you would like more information or want to commit to participating, please call 727-547-7853 or

    727-543-9052 (cell) or email Kristen Gericke at gerickek@pcsb.org and let us know the following information: 



    YOUR NAME _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    YOUR STUDENTS NAME AND GRADE (if a parent)__________________________________________________________________________________


    COMPANY NAME ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    SUBJECT MATTER _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    GRADE/CLASS PREFERENCE______________________________________________________________________________________________________


    TIME OF DAY TO ATTEND ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    EQUIPMENT NEEDED ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    E-MAIL ADDRESS_& phone number_______________________________________________________________________________________________