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    Class Schedule

    Day Classes:

    Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

    Evening Classes:
    Monday-Wed: 5:00PM - 9:00PM


    Call 893-2723 ext. 2120 (or) stop by Guidance room 202


    FREE to co-enrolled traditional high school students bringing a 2097 form from their high school.

    Adult high school credit classes will cost $45 per term. Students must also purchase an ID badge for $5.35.

    Term 1: Aug. 13 - Nov. 30

    Term 2: Dec. 3 - Mar. 29

    Term 3: Apr. 1 - Jul. 31 

  • High School Credit Program


    Program Description

    The goal of the High School Credit (HSC) program is that each HSC student will complete the courses and assessments necessary to earn a standard high school diploma. The High School Credit program at Tomlinson is a fully accredited standard high school credit program that allows students to complete missing or failed courses required to receive their diploma.

    Students may earn their high school diploma from Tomlinson Adult Learning Center or they may transfer credit to their home school. Tomlinson is a year-round school so students have ongoing opportunities for success. Students work in a well-structured, self-paced environment that operates on an open-entry/open-exit basis.

    Do you offer FCAT testing?

    Many high school students experience difficulty passing the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test). Tomlinson offers students the opportunity to remediate skills in our intensive math and reading programs. FCAT study materials are also available online for students to use at home for additional preparation.  Registration begins Sept. 1, and again Feb. 1.

    What if I only have a few credits?

    Sometimes students come to Tomlinson with so few credits that it is not recommended they enroll in the standard high school diploma program. When this situation occurs, our counselors and director may recommend Tomlinson’s excellent GED Prep Program as a better alternative for completing high school. Students generally can complete high school through the GED program in a far shorter length of time. When they pass the GED exam, they are awarded a State of Florida High School Diploma. This valuable credential allows them to enter the workforce as a high school graduate, join some branches of the military (check with specific recruiters), or continue education at the college level.

    Can you explain your classes?

    We offer a complete schedule of courses needed for graduation including some elective courses. All courses are self-paced and are available on an open-entry/open-exit basis.  Students may start class any school day and end class on any school day following the completion of course requirements. This curriculum model enables students to complete classes more rapidly than in a traditional high school.

    What if I am not from Pinellas County?

    Tomlinson faculty and staff are ready to assist students who have come to Pinellas County from another Florida county or from out-of-state. Often times, these students cannot enroll at a regular high school once a new semester is underway. They can come to Tomlinson and earn high school credit until a new semester begins at their chosen or assigned school. Counselors will help these students secure transcripts.

    Classes are currently offered in the following subject areas:

    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Language Arts/ English
    • Mathematics
    • Computer Studies
    • Some Elective Studies

    **A majority of classes in the daytime can be completed in eight to twelve weeks, while those taken at night may take 12 to 16 weeks. Most evening classes are available through text-based instruction or online via GradPoint. Daytime classes primarily use GradPoint online.

    What is the admission process?

    Students making up course work to be transferred back to their home school are not required to take the TABE, but they must provide an authorization form (Form 2097) from their high school guidance counselor upon enrollment.