• Pinellas County Jail

    Pinellas County Jail

    14400 49th St. North
    Clearwater, FL 33762

    GED classes are only available to current inmates of the Pinellas County Jail.

    Classes:  Monday - Friday in Central and South Divisions and Monday & Wednesday in North Division.

    What type of partnership does Dixie Hollins Adult Education Center have with the Pinellas County Jail?

    Classes are offered to ABE/GED, ESOL and low-level readers. All classes are on-site and located in three different housing divisions: Central, North/Annex and South. Pinellas County Schools offers GED testing to a limited number of qualifying students.

    How does an inmate register for one of these classes?

    To register for any ABE/GED, ESOL and reading class the inmate must send an inmate request for Form 62 to Program Services. After the form has been processed, the inmate will then be enrolled into the appropriate class.

    *Tuition fees apply.