MYP Replacement School ID

  • ALL Middle School students are required to wear their school ID on campus and on field trips. Their first ID and lanyard are supplied by the school at no cost to the students.  If the ID is forgotten or misplaced, the student must check out their replacement ID through Ms. Holt, Secretary/Bookkeeper.  A $6 charge is entered into the student’s FOCUS and a call is made to the parent to notify them that their student has borrowed an ID.  When the student returns the replacement ID while wearing their original ID, the $6 fee is voided from FOCUS.  

    If a student fails to return the replacement ID,  the obligation remains in FOCUS.  If a student does not wear their original ID or their replacement ID, they are issued a YELLOW temporary ID.  This ID must be checked in and out daily through Ms. Lehman – the student is not permitted to take it home.  A $2 obligation is entered in FOCUS if the student uses the ID for more than one day.  If the student wears their original or replacement badge and no longer needs to use the yellow ID, the yellow ID obligation is removed from FOCUS.

    The obligations for School IDs and other student obligations are recorded in each student’s “Fees & Payments” section of FOCUS.  Please contact Ms. Lehman, Mr. Salyers, or Ms. Holt if you have any questions.