Dixie Hollins High

  • Kaitlynn M. McCann Kaitlynn M. McCann
    GPA: 4.7368
    Future plans: the University of Florida or Ohio State University
    Motto or message to classmates: I know this isn't the end to senior year any of us wanted or expected, but I'm proud of all of us and you should be too. I am so excited to see where we all go and the successes life will bring us, and hopefully, our 20th reunion isn't crashed by another crisis! Good luck and goodbye seniors!





    Phoenix Eads Phoenix Eads
    GPA: 4.6525
    Future plans:  University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts
    Motto or message to classmates: Proud to be the Salutatorian of online school. Thanks, Corona, I'll make a movie outta this one for sure. Xoxo, Phoenix.