Largo High - Traditional

  • Joshua R. Mott Joshua R. Mott
    GPA: 4.5593
    Future plans: University of Florida
    Motto or message to classmates: Do the best you can, and things will probably work out fine.







    Martin Stavro Martin Stavro
    GPA: 4.4907
    Future plans: University of Florida
    Motto or message to classmates: Let not the remarkability of a man be determined by his placement by someone else; there are many remarkable and fantastic persons I have come across in my four years destined for greatness, not to mention those who so bravely take on the burden of being their teachers. They need no shout out, for they innately know deep down who they are. In a way, in these adverse, troubled, yet nonetheless unique times, we are all destined for greatness. Willingly or unwillingly, we've become the ones called upon to put the pieces of society back together and push back stronger than ever before. What we do with such an opportunity will be up to our brilliance; in each of its wondrous independence may we craft a beautiful mosaic with what was once fragmented.