• Carwise Middle School Supply List

     For all grade level students

    Two – 2”, 3” or 4” binders – we will be dividing them AM and PM for class supplies (AVID students decide if you want one 3” or 4” binder or the AM and PM binder system)

    Seven - colored tab subject dividers (one for each class) to separate classes – with pockets are suggested

    Zipper pouch to store supplies

    Plenty of pencils and pens, including a red pen

    Notebook paper (lots!)


    Colored pencils

    Personal hand pencil sharpener

    Three (or more) glue sticks or liquid glue bottles (to be used throughout the year)

    Personal headphones to use while working on computers


    *Please note this is a general supply list. You may get additional supply requests from individual teachers during the first week back to school. This list is intended for the entire year, they will not be used all at once.