Department of Juvenile Justice - Charles Britt Academy

  • The Charles Britt Academy is a Department of Juvenile Justice program (Circuit VI), serving approximately 28 boys ages 14-18 that have been adjudicated delinquent and committed to the Juvenile Justice System of the State of Florida. The treatment program at Charles Britt Academy promotes personal and interpersonal growth within each resident in a realistic community-oriented setting. There are 2 Educational Alternative classrooms with an educational staff of 3 teachers, 1 Title I paraprofessional and 1 ESE Associate. Additional professional education services are provided by itinerant staff.

    The goal of Charles Britt Academy is to return rehabilitated youth to the community who will not become recidivists. The treatment program at Charles Britt Academy promotes personal, interpersonal and educational growth within each resident. Residents are encouraged to remain in school to graduation and to accept responsibility for their behavior and lead productive lives.
    Phone # 727-954-5402 ext. 242
    Fax # 727-893-1284