• 2018-2019 Dress Code Information


    The policy is to set student expectations of school appropriate dress, it is modeled after the district’s accepted modified dress code.



    • This policy applies to all students
    • This policy is enforced by Teachers and Administration



    The expectation is that students have the following criteria met in their dress:

    Shirts: Polo style, collared shirts or Crew Neck T-Shirts. They may be short or long sleeve shirts. Shirts must be solid in color, and can be any color. There can be an emblem on the shirt no larger than a quarter. School spirit shirts sold by the school are permitted. (Shirts may not be altered).

    Pants, shorts, capris, skirts: Must also be solid colors. The colors that may be worn are: khaki, black, tan, navy blue or gray. Appropriate jeans (no rips or tears) may be worn. Pants, shorts, capris and skirts must be both neat in appearance (un-torn) and worn at the waist. They must be rolled down to full length. No cutoffs are permitted. School board policy will be strictly adhered to as far as short and skirt length. These cloth items must be mid-thigh or longer. (Pants, shorts, capris, shirts and skirts may not be altered)

    Notes: Athletic, nylon, spandex, jeggings, joggers, sweat pants, skinny style pants, pajama clothing or knit type shorts/pants are not permitted and no undergarments can be seen.

    Footwear, Shoes: Closed toe and closed heel.

    Outerwear: Plain sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets that are solid in color may be worn. No writing, designs or any other markings. School spirit jackets are permitted. PE shorts must be mid-thigh or longer and T-shirts must be solid white or blue and go below the waist line. Undergarments must not be visible. No tight shorts.

    All other state and Pinellas County dress code expectations will be followed.


    Students receive the following consequences for violating this policy:

    • The first violation the student will get a call home letting the family know of the policy and investigate a reason for a lack of adherence.
    • The second violation will be a repair of the violation if possible (borrowed shirt or garment from what the school has) or a call home to have the issue corrected and placement in ABC until the correction can be made.
    • Subsequent violations will be addressed at the discretion of administration.


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