Acceptance Criteria

  • Juniors! Apply to EIP for your Senior Year

    It is the Junior/Rising Senior's Responsibility to:
    • Complete every item on the online EIP Application form which includes digitally signing the Student/Parent Online Permission form.
    • Find two current teachers who know you well, and request that they complete the online Teacher Reference using the link found on the EIP Application webpage.
    • Well in advance of the application due date, request that your Guidance Counselor complete the online Guidance Counselor Data Verification form using the link on the the EIP Application webpage.
    Criteria for Acceptance:
    • Unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.0+ (3.3+ GPA for summer participation)
    • Pursuing Regular, College-Ready, or International Baccalaureate Diploma
    • At least two periods available the last periods of the school day for fall/spring applicants; click link for EIP Course Descriptions
    • SPC Early College and Full-time Virtual and Home School students only apply for the summer prior to the senior year; summer participation is also open to all applicants.
    • If students are accepted into the Early College Program, Full-time Virtual School, or Early Admissions, the EIP office must be informed immediately as EIP participation options could change.
    • Successful communication and interview with coordinator
    • Successful interview with sponsor after coordinator placement takes place
    • St. Petersburg College Student ID number reported at internship interview (Once accepted, students are advised as to this process.)
    • Excellent attendance (no more than 42 periods for 7-period schools/24 periods for 8-period/block schools at time of application); attendance is monitored in real-time and throughout each semester
    • Exemplary discipline and tardy record
    • Minimum 17 years old prior to participation (16+ for summer)
    • Provide Transportation to and from internship site and SPC seminars
    • Completed application received on or before deadline
    • Successful and timely background checks and drug screenings when required at internship sites
    • Commitment to attendance at all required program meetings and program and sponsor interviews

    If accepted into the Executive Internship Program, students will be responsible for following directions and meeting deadlines independently. Receipt of your online application and all online references – complete, accurate, and on time – is a reflection of your seriousness and attention to detail. Successful completion of this task is a prerequisite for further consideration of your application.  The application period deadlines are the same for all summer/fall/spring applicants.

    Per St. Petersburg College, Early College Program students are currently only encouraged to participate in EIP during the summer session. Due to Early College Program course load requirements and scheduling, SPC does not encourage requests for EIP participation during the regular school year.  ECP students must ensure that the spring classes are not scheduled on Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00.

    Summer Term Requirements and Commitment:  Students must be present for all seminar meetings as well as for the entire summer internship period in order to participate. Students may not schedule vacations during the on-site internship period. Failure to attend all seminars throughout April, May, and June will result in a Withdrawal (WF grade) from the program and dual enrollment course. No exceptions can be made. The summer session is too brief for students to miss any portion or any seminar.  

    Participation options are:

    Option #1:  Schedule EIP for three consecutive semesters (Summer, Fall, and Spring) beginning with the summer between the junior and senior year of high school.  
    Option #2:  Schedule EIP for two semesters (Summer & Fall, Summer & Spring, or Fall & Spring) 
    Option #3:  Schedule EIP for one semester (Summer, Fall, or Spring) 
    • The summer semester begins in April after the school day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from approximately 3:00-5:00 (see Summer Requirements and Dates on the EIP Application page). Accepted students will receive a schedule with notification of status letters in late February.
    • Fall and spring students will receive an interview schedule in late February. Interviews for senior year participation will take place at SPC Clearwater after school in March and April on the date and time indicated on the schedule.
    • Attendance is mandatory at all summer semester meetings for those accepted into the summer semester. Attendance at Fall/Spring interviews is mandatory to be considered for participation during the fall/spring of the senior year. 
    Note:  Students must have a minimum of two class periods available as the last on-campus scheduled periods of the school day for fall and/or spring participation.  The EIP Coordinator provides your school with the appropriate courses for your schedule.

    SAT, ACT, or College Placement Test Requirement - Only after being accepted into the Executive Internship Program and prior to interviews with the EIP coordinator, students must show proof of PERT scores (Reading, Writing and Math) on record with Pinellas County Schools or must have ACT or SAT scores on record at SPC and must obtain a St. Petersburg College ID number.   There is no minimum test score required.  Once students are accepted into EIP, they will be instructed on how to proceed to obtain the SPC ID# and how to submit test scores to SPC.  There is no need to obtain an ID# prior to acceptance unless enrolled in other dual enrollment classes/programs as is required by St. Petersburg College as a requirement for enrollment in all Dual Enrollment courses.

    Please visit your High School Counselor for more information, or contact Dr. Black:
    Juniors only apply to EIP beginning November 1 and concluding on the indicated application deadline date.