• Sunshine Math is a HOMEFUN program that provides challenging problem solving practice. 90% of students at Jamerson participate in Sunshine Math weekly!

    How does it work? The children earn points for solving the problems, based on the number of stars or smileys next to the individual items. Children earn prizes based upon the number of points they earn and build up to the celebration events at the end of the year A voucher is earned at 50, 75, 125, 150, 175, 225, 250, etc.  A water bottle is earned at 100.  A celebration event is earned at 300, 400 and 500. (20 points a week maximum for 25 weeks = 500 possible for the year)
    Why do some kids take two sheets? Some of our kids want to make sure that they earn the celebration events at the end of the year. They do their own instructional level sheet and a challenge sheet. A maximum of 20 points will be recorded even if the total is higher than 20. Extra points are not carried over to later weeks nor do they count toward events and prizes.
    Ways to Help:
    • Monitor your child’s progress. Making sure that SSM is done every week is the best way to help.
    • Read the problems to your child or have your child read the problems to you.
    • Suggest strategies.
    • Provide a similar problem for explanation purposes.
    • Explain how to do the problem without actually doing it for your child.
    • Check the sheet before sending it back and help your child to redo any item that is incorrect before turning it in.
    • Use the math book and Internet as resources.
    • Provide counters or math tools to help solve the problems.
    • Listen as your child thinks out loud.
    Find out how Sunshine Math got started 40 years ago by a local professor! Read the letter “Thank You, Barbara” on pp. 6-7, published in the journal Teaching Children Mathematics.