Secondary students in the Hospital Homebound Program are assigned a Homeroom Teacher who provides information and instruction regarding program information. The Homeroom Teachers contact families to make arrangements for an initial home visit with the student and their parent or guardian. Each Homeroom Teacher works primarily with students within a geographic region of Pinellas County.

    Homeroom Teachers' Contact Information

    Mr. Joe Lain

    727.669.1221 ext. 2047
    Ms. Elizabeth Butler

    727.669.1221 ext. 2034
    Ms. Anita Remoussin
    727.669.1221 ext. 2010
    During the initial home visit, Homeroom Teachers review the technology and websites needed for virtual classes and assist with completion of required paperwork, including:

                                • PCS Media Release Form


                                • PCS Internet Use Agreement


                                • Instructions for Homebound Program


                                • Transition Notes (for students over 14; must be completed with Homeroom Teacher)


                                • Book List (if applicable)


                                • PCS Student Code of Conduct  (Spanish Language Version) for initial school year registration 

    Aside from assisting with completion and submission of required paperwork, a goal of the Homeroom Teacher is to welcome families to the Hospital/Homebound Program and to help students to be successful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns!

    Although the initial visit from the Homeroom Teacher is often a student's starting point, there is no need to wait for the visit! As soon as a student or parent has received their schedule, they should contact their class teachers, attend a Virtual Orientation session, and begin attending virtual classes.