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  • Amelia Jean Jorgenson Scholarship Awarded to Gilmar Albany de Gongalez!

     The Woman’s Club of Oldsmar (WCO)  officially announce Gilmar Albany de Gongalez as the winner of the Amelia Jean Jorgenson Scholarship for 2016!

    The scholarship fund was created by Amelia Jean Jorgenson’s daughters to carry out the charitable and educational purposes of the WCO by assisting Oldsmar Women fund collegiate or other advanced education. This fund, when matched with funds raised by the Oldsmar Woman’s Club, provides an annual scholarship for an Oldsmar woman through 2020. Their goal is to grow this fund through fundraisers and community contributions and continue it in perpetuity.

    Amelia Jean Jorgenson resided in Oldsmar for more than 40 years and dedicated herself to making Oldsmar true to its motto: “Great Place to Live, Work, and Play.” The Oldsmar Woman’s Club was proud to have Mrs. Jorgenson as its president and longtime member. She lived life with purpose, commitment, and passion, much like the outstanding young lady receiving this year’s award.

    The following is a letter from Gilmar to some of her teachers here at Palm Harbor Community School:

    Dear Teachers

     Since the last year we have been worried about the future of the school and I do really feel sad because I know how important the school is to our community. 

    I want to tell you that thanks to you and the information that you provide day after day to immigrants with stories such as escaping from prosecution to the search of better opportunities, students like me may find a path to improve the possibilities to obtaining their goals and broadly get a better live, and not to become a load to the country yet to be a driving force for its economy.

    A few months ago you told us that the Woman’s Club of Oldsmar announced the Amelia Jean Jorgerson Scorlachip Fund, in which I participated preparing an essay that still startles my memories but shows my reality. This document made possible only by the help of the daily lessons from my teacher Camille with several days of correcting mistakes, time and patience, that results on love for teaching, all of this to help me fulfill my purpose… “To keep pace with the American Professionals”. 

     On the other hand you Joy, with the confidence you give to all the students, that wonderful thing shakes our internal fibers and makes us move mountains. I want to share with you that yesterday I received my award, our award; something without you could not have been materialized.

     In addition I want to say that thanks to you and to the school I met the Project Prosper Organization that aims to educate in financial matters to immigrant students and also give loans at very low interest. Well, we applied and fulfilled their requirements and they granted a credit worth $ 1500 to buy a vehicle.

     These two achievements will help to change the lives of my family for good, and have been only thanks to you who are the beacon that guides, informs, educates us as good citizens and keeps us the students alert to adverse situations. Every single day we learn from you who are the God’s instrument to guide hundreds of immigrants that search only for Freedom and Opportunities.

     Thank you Camille, Thank you Joy, Thank you Sheryl for becoming a part of our lives and you will be forever in our memories.


     Warm Regards