Volunteer Requirements and Procedures:

  • All new volunteers must complete a registration form and submit a copy of their driver’s license to the office.Processing and background checks can take about 3-4 weeks. You will receive an email from Pinellas County School Board once you have been approved with your username and password. You may not volunteer without clearance.


    Returning volunteers must reactivate themselves in Focus by logging in (see below) and answering a few questions regarding any criminal activity during the past year. This is required at the beginning of each year prior to volunteering.

    • Always sign in/out at the front desk.
    • Always wear your volunteer nametag/sticker or level 2 badge while on campus.
    • Log your hours into the Volunteer System in Focus. A computer is set up in the office to enter hours for your convenience.


    Driving on Field Trips, if you want to drive on class field trips, you must to be fingerprinted, obtain a Level II clearance, fill out the Vehicle Information Form and meet the requirements on the form. If enough parents wish to obtain Level II clearance, we may be able to arrange fingerprinting services here at the school.



    Logging in Volunteer Hours:


    Hours must be entered into a computer or laptop; phones and tablets will not work. You must use Firefox browser. We have a computer set up in the school office to enter hours for your convenience.


          STEP 1 – Go to: https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer

          STEP 2 -  Sign on to the Volunteer System using your v.account

    Username:  v.last name first initial (not case sensitive)       

                             Example: v.smithd

          Password:  Last name (first letter capitalized) immediately followed by 4-digit                                            

                             birth year.                 

                             Example: Smith1975

          Click:          Log In (it may ask you to register your computer)

          STEP 3 -  Enter Volunteer Hours under “Support Services” or “Instructional” for

                               mentoring or tutoring                                   

          STEP 4 – Click: Save (very important!) and then Log Out




    It is very important for volunteers to log ALL of their hours in the system. Hours include planning and attending PTA and SAC meetings, planning and working events, making phone calls, working on projects, soliciting donations, shopping for supplies, etc. ANY time spent on activity that benefits the school counts! Hours do not have to be served on campus.


    Recognition, funding and grant opportunities are available if we meet certain criteria on volunteer hours and activity. Our goal is to have 700+ volunteer hours, or double the number of volunteer hours as the student population! That is very doable, as long as hours are entered into Focus.