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Mother of a past Student:  Deb Ganley
My daughter, Colleen, was a student at Clearwater Intermediate School from 2004-2007, after six years of being an ESE student at her elementary school with an IEP. Her fifth-grade teacher highly recommended CIS as an alternative to her attending Tarpon Springs Middle School. I waffled for months, thinking she didn't need to go outside her zoned school for extra help & how to tell her she wouldn't be attending middle school with her friends. I finally made the tough call & signed the paperwork. It was the best decision  I have ever made for Colleen! CIS is a fantastic school for kids who need extra academic assistance. The smaller class-size is a huge advantage. The teachers & staff know how to work with these kids & actually want to be there, understanding their learning issues. Most have been there for many years. The school is incredibly supportive with student achievements, holding assemblies with awards for attendance & academic successes. 
6th grade is a hard adjustment year for any middle school student after quite a few years of being in elementary school. Colleen was a VIP recipient at CIS quite a few times and was on the Honor Roll consistently through 7th & 8th grades. We applied and she was accepted to Tarpon Springs High School's Jacobson Culinary Arts Academy where she excelled as an 'A" student. She graduated from Tarpon High in 2011. Her culinary aspirations didn't last through high school so she attended Pasco-Hernando State College and attained her CNA license in 2012. Colleen has worked as a CNA for the past 3 1/2 years.  She recently went back to PHSC and is now a nationally certified Emergency Medical Technician! She is starting her new job with her first choice of an Advanced Life Support Ambulance company tomorrow. She's hoping to go for paramedic training at PHSC next year. 
I recently emailed CIS from their website about Colleen's achievements & was floored to hear back from many of her teachers and staff members who remember her from her CIS days. The school is still incredibly caring about the kids, years after graduation. If you're a parent who is considering sending your child to CIS, don't think twice. Fill out the paperwork & do what is best for your child. If you're a past parent of a CIS kid, please email them & let them know how well they're doing. The teachers & staff love to hear success stories!