FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Richard O. Jacobson Technical High School at Seminole


    Who can attend Tech High? 

    Any high school student who resides in Pinellas County.


    How does our school work? 

    Students apply to our program through the district application process.  If accepted, students will attend our campus full-time instead of going to their zoned school. Students take all required academic courses, including AP and honors options as well as standard academic options. If a student wishes to take an AP course we do not currenlty offer on campus they can take it through virtual school. Students do earn a regular High School Diploma, just like they would at their zoned school so we have all the same academic and state testing requirements. Tech High does not offer sports on campus but students are able to participate in sports at their zoned school. Tech High will have all other regular high school activities like student organizations, dances, SAT Prep, and more!



    How do students get to and from our campus? 
    We offer mid-county bussing to and from our campus. Students must arrange for their own transportation if they are outside our bussing area.

    Are there any entrance requirements to enroll in a program at Tech High?

    No, only a desire to enroll in a program for which you have an interest. You must apply for the program through the District Application Program and follow all expectations required by that program. Tech High is for serious minded students who are seeking alternatives to a traditional high school. Potential students should be aware that the curriculum is rigorous and challenging as our goal is to meet industry standards. Our students are held to a high expectation of professionalism and get to work in a school whose culture allows them to be treated like adults.


    How do I apply for a class at Tech High? 

    Richard O. Jacobson Technical High School is a District Application Program. To find out more about what that means and how to apply please click here

    Applications open the first week in January.  Late applications start mid-March.



    What programs are currently offered at Tech High?

    Building Construction Technology, Commercial and Graphic Arts, Electrical Wiring, Nursing, Game and Simulation Programming, Marine Mechanics and Veterinary Assisting. 


    Do any of the programs at Tech High earn college credit?

    Yes, all of the classes here can earn credits that are transferable to Pinellas Technical College; St. Petersburg College or any State of Florida University.