Teacher of the Term
    Term 2, 2016-2017

    It is our absolute pleasure to introduce Irene Bachmann. There is little Irene hasn’t done or can’t do! Regardless of what is asked of her, she steps up in the name of the team work. Not only is she flexible, but tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner without sacrificing quality. 

    Irene greets everyone, colleagues and students alike, with a warm, genuine smile. Making student feel welcome and putting them at ease as they enter our school is a priority for Irene. She fosters friendly relationships with students which allows them the comfort of seeking her help when needed.

    Colleagues find Irene to be flexible and cooperative. With a clear understanding of our school’s vision and mission, Irene works closely with teachers to provide timely and accurate post-testing. She does everything with skill and grace. Congratulations to the most deserving Irene Bachmann!

     Teacher of Term 2_2017