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8th Grade - Team Kraken

Welcome to Team Kraken!

The 8th grade Kraken team is here to support our students in their final year of middle school. Our goal is to help them become independent learners by nurturing critical and creative thinking skills through in-depth exploration of topics. We ensure that our students are provided opportunities to participate in authentic goal setting and future planning activities throughout the school year as they make decisions that will impact their high school and future choices.

8th Grade - Models

The theme for the 8th grade year is Models. Models are exceptional systems that are held as examples to others. For example, the middle school Gifted Centers of Excellence in Pinellas County Schools have been used as a model of teaching excellence in other parts of the country that do not offer full-time gifted services to middle school students.

Models can be used to:

  • Map ideas and concepts within systems
  • Develop basic requirements for a system
  • Develop and test proposed changes in a system
  • Predict and analyze data to propose new solutions to problems

In Advanced Academics, 8th grade students will study high school and college options at the beginning of the year. They will also participate in the Odyssey of the Mind competition. This is a creative problem solving competition in which students are given a problem or design challenge that needs to be solved creatively. Students create performances to demonstrate the product they created to solve the problem. Florida OM




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8th Grade Parent Letter 2018

8th Grade Summer Reading 2018


Email addresses for 8th grade gifted teachers:

Mrs. Bohl bohls@pcsb.org

Ms. Durham durhama@pcsb.org

Mr. Wheelock  wheelockm@pcsb.org

Ms. Micalizzi micalizzil@pcsb.org

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