Teacher of the Term
    Term 1, 2017-2018

    It is a greater honor than I can describe to have the privilege to speak about our Teacher of the Term.  The scope of her role as a teacher would have to be defined as far beyond deliverer of curriculum, evaluator, and guide to learners.

    Eva Christu has been teaching, guiding, encouraging, and inspiring the entire student population and all staff members at the Annex for some years.  When the day begins with a physical plant problem, she takes it on. When the network is down, she gets it handled.  If there is an unexpected staff absence, she thoughtfully and effectively situates us all.  If a student has a crisis or issue, she handles it. 

    We are glad our Teacher of the Term at the Annex is at the helm because she protects the calm and assuredness of the environment.  Teachers and students can concentrate on their classroom life.  She has steadily helped us along in procedures and kept us safe in change.  She has tended to and safeguarded what is the success and heart of Clearwater Adult, fondly called by many of our students, “the little school.”  She is the “where the buck stops” person of the Annex.

    Additionally, she is a counselor for students and staff alike.  On a personal note, she is a friend and a confidante.  I see this fine professional, this fine woman as, by far, the most principled, compassionate person I have met in all of my 63 years.  This is the Teacher of the Term.  This is our Eva Christu.  Eva, we love and honor you now and forever
     Teacher of Term