Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK)

  • Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) is a free, state-funded program that prepares children for kindergarten. Children must be 4 years old on or before Sept. 1 of the school year in which they are enrolling.

    Need info about our FREE Summer VPK program? Visit our Summer VPK page.

    VPK provides developmentally appropriate activities in literacy, language, science, social studies, math, health, safety, art and music. The program will help children develop skills they need to be strong readers, improving their chances of success in school. Most classes have 18 to 20 students and are staffed by a certified teacher and a child development associate. Some classes are blended to include students who receive exceptional student education services. Follow your child’s development using the FOURS Child Development Checklist & Tips booklet.

    Questions about VPK? Call 727-588-6513

    Prekindergarten - Programs for 3 and 4 year olds

    Watch the Prekindergarten Facebook and YouTube Live Event, to learn about PreK and VPK opportunities: Facebook Link: https://fb.me/e/47p6R1sR6; YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/6DIjLWeKhKI


    Apply for the VPK Certificate of Eligibility (voucher) beginning Jan. 1, 2021.

    Visit www.vpkpinellas.net and complete the online application for the Certificate of Eligibilty voucher. For information, please call the Early Learning Coalition at 727-400-4411.

    Get your User ID and Password

    Go to any nearby school to obtain a User ID and Password (if you don’t already have one for another child in your family). Please be sure to bring a government-issued photo ID.

    Apply for a VPK Seat  Jan. 19, 2021 – Feb. 1, 2021

    Log onto the Student Reservation System (SRS), which can be accessed at reservation.pcsb.org. You may use any computer, including school computers to apply for a seat.

    View Results of Your Application  March 1, 2021–March 12, 2021

    Log onto reservation.pcsb.org to find out if your application was accepted. You must accept an invitation to keep your seat.

    Enroll at Assigned School March 22, 2021–April 2, 2021

    To enroll, bring your Certificate of Eligibility (voucher) and the following documents to your assigned school:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Florida Certificate of Immunization
    • Physical examination certificate
    • Proof of Residency (2 forms of documentation required)

    Failure to enroll by April 2 will result in an expired reservation.


    • VPK is a free, 540 hour program during the school year that is available at many elementary schools. Students attend free for three hours each day, Monday through Friday.
    • VPK + 3 extends the VPK day an additional 3 hours so students attend for the full 6-hour school day. Tuition is $65 per week with a non-refundable registration fee that is applied to the last week's tuition.