• quaver


    Quaver is an innovative technology-based music curriculum that supports the learning emphasized in your child's general classroom by not only encouraging students to explore and hone their creative performing abilities, but also demonstrating how music enhances their understanding of all other subjects!

    In addition to all of the amazing academic benefits, Quaver also supports SEL (social/emotional learning). From singing to playing to dancing, the music studio provides the perfect safe setting for children to practice self-expression and group awareness. Quaver provides learning activities and games for our students to work both independently and as an ensemble in consideration of their character development. 

    Best of all - the curriculum is 100% customizable! Function settings and resources such as closed captioning, interactive keyword glossaries, document uploading capabilities, lyric highlighting, example voices/read-alouds, drawing tools, levelled activities and games, and SmartBoard integration ensure that ALL of our students experience success.

    Follow the link to visit the site for more information!