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    "Eagle Beats" is Dunedin Elementary's percussion ensemble! This select, after-school group is for 3rd-5th grade students by audition only, and is limited to 15 members.

    Our students in this ensemble explore advanced percussive techniques through a variety of means, including vocal percussion, world drumming, Orff (xylophones, auxiliary instruments, bass bars, etc.), body percussion/stepping, and bucket drumming. The group performs independently and in combination with the Eagle Chorus, Eagle Strummers, and Eagle Moves.



    The students in the Eagle Beats percussion ensemble gained skills in storyboarding, dialogue writing, improvising, composing, creating found founds, and sound and video editing in this student-centered work entitled "THE BEATSSS!!!" 




    We will hold fall auditions in August 2021 (date and time TBA). All returning members will have to re-audition and will have the opportunity to earn section leader positions. The audition itself is detailed below. Good luck!!!


     Auditions are about 10 minutes in length. Interested students should see Ms. Sine in the music studio before to reserve an audition time slot. Alternatively, families can send a text to (813) 309-5605 or an email request to sinet@pcsb.org

    Interested performers should review and practice the audition questions and skills below for best success.


    Part 1 - Interview Questions

    1. Why do you want to join Eagle Beats?

    2. How do you define "teamwork?"

    3. What do you think you can bring to the group that no one else can?


    Part 2 - Pitched Percussion

    Play the "Metallophone II" part (CBCA) in the piece below using alternating hands. All students will be taught this simple melodic pattern during the audition. Auditioners will then be asked to play the pattern in an ostinato (repeated over and over again) while Ms. Sine observes the students' focus, hand grips, attitude, and musicality.



    Part 3 - Unpitched Percussion

    Perform thumper beat on bucket drum. Ms. Sine is looking for rhythmical accuracy and confidence. Students can practice simply at home with two pencils and a flat surface like a table!






    Can my child be a member of more than one ensemble?

    Absolutely! Students are encouraged to audition for any ensembles they are interested in. In the event that the performer is accepted into more than one group and a song calls for both instruments and chorus or movement, the performer would dance or play first and sing second (instruments and movement are priority since those ensembles have fewer performers).


    Can I sit in on the audition?

    Ms. Sine has an open door policy, and invites families into the music studio to sit in on general lessons, ensemble rehearsals, and auditions. You are welcome to come in any time! Check with the front office at (727) 738-2990 about how to arrange a visit.


    My child is very nervous to perform...what do you recommend?

    Bananas! No, seriously - the potassium in bananas can help to calm down butterfly tummies! It's also advised that you spend time practicing for the audition with your child. When students are well prepared, they tend to be better able to manage nervous energy. Discuss whether your child would like you to be in the room when they audition. Some children are calmed by their family's presence, while others become even more nervous! Finally, remind your kiddo that no other students will be in the room while they are auditioning, so there will be no judgement from peers. 


    How will the members be selected?

    Eagle Beats was created to challenge our most musically gifted students. That being said, ability alone is not the only consideration. Ms. Sine is also looking to select students who demonstrate grit, perseverance, respect, and a positive, empathetic attitude. Our current members are a mix of gen ed, ADHD, gifted, and autistic students. Please see the rubric form below to learn how students will be scored. Students should bring this form to their audition. 

    Eagle Beats Audition Form


    What if my child doesn't get in?

    Remind your child that they will have the opportunity to play many instruments during their weekly music lessons, and that failing to make the team does NOT mean they are a failure!!! In the event that your child doesn't secure a position in the group, the below graphics can be used to communicate the value of success and to inspire students to never give up on their goals. Feel free to use them at home to have a conversation with your child on this difficult topic! You might share a time when you didn't "make the cut," and tell your child how you persevered and how everything ultimately came out well in the end. :)


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