i am in charge of how I feel and today i am choosing happiness





    This spring semester, our 3rd graders will join our 4th and 5th grade singers in a special performance event that will demonstrate the power of positivity. Through song, dance, and connection, we will rehearse with the following goals in mind:


    • 100% attendance for 5th grade middle school music info meeting on Wednesday, 01/16/19 during school specials time - GOAL MET! :D
    • Performing for all Dunedin Elementary staff, students, and families on Friday 05/22/19 - GOAL MET! :D 
    • Audition for Universal Studios Music USA Festival Competition OR Disney Youth Performers. If accepted, we would perform in May 2020 - GOAL MET! :D 




    1. Best Day of My Life - Chorus & Beats

    Eagle Beats will play on tubano drums



    Best Day of My Life - Soprano

    Best Day of My Life - Alto





    2. Rise Up - Chorus



    Rise Up - Unison




    3. Get Down and Play the Drum

     Eagle Beats plays a lively call and response multi-drumming piece.






    4. Three Little Birds - Chorus & Strums



    Three Little Birds - Unison




    5. Go the Distance - Chorus



    Go the Distance - Soprano

    Go the Distance - Alto




    6. Vivir Mi Vida - Chorus and Moves


    Eagle Moves will perform a paired salsa dance



    Vivir Mi Vida - Unison





    7. Pen Beats - Beats






    8. Try Everything - Chorus



    Try Everything - Soprano

    Try Everything - Alto




    9. Viral Dance Moves - Moves






    10. A Million Dreams - Chorus




    A Million Dreams - Soprano

    A Million Dreams - Alto




    11. Jai Ho - All

    Eagle Moves center stage, while everyone else surrounds the audience