Dress Code Policy

  • Meadowlawn Middle School

    6050 – 16th Street North

    St. Petersburg, FL 33703

    (727) 570-3097


    Dear Parent/Guardian,


    Our Administrative Team is taking this opportunity to give you an update on our dress code which is in agreement with the guidelines as printed in the Code of Student Conduct. Please follow these guidelines as you do your school shopping.

    Avoid the following styles:

    · Any tight fitting skirts and miniskirts (pencil, maxi, bubble skirts, high/low etc.)

    · Tops/shirts/blouses with over sized necklines that expose shoulders or bra straps

    · No tank tops

    · Tops with spaghetti straps even if hidden by a jacket that typically remains unzipped and falls off of the shoulder revealing the straps

    · Low cut tops or V-neck shirts

    · Tops that do not completely cover the midriff even with arms raised and when seated

    · See through tops

    · Leggings as pants, unless they are covered by shorts or skirts that fall no more than three inches above the knee

    · Form fitting leotard/spandex type clothing

    · Shorts/skirts/dresses that are shorter than three inches above the knee

    · Pajamas and house shoes

    · Jeans or pants with holes exposing any skin.

    · No hats, bandanas, etc.

    · Pants worn below the waist line or sagging

    · Exposed underwear/ undershorts

    In General:

    · Meadowlawn promotes and emphasizes moderation in dress and appearance/grooming.

    · Clothing and/or grooming should promote a positive educational environment that is not distracting to learning.

    · No clothing is to be worn with profanity, violent images, sexual phrases, gang relations, drug/alcohol references, etc.

    Consequences for any dress code violation:

    · Student will recive an after school detention and will be required to change. If the student does not have a change of clothes the parent will need to provide a change of clothing. If the violation is deemed disruptive to the learning environment then the student will be sent to in school suspension until appropriate clothing is provided.

    · Excessive violation (defiance): Administrative action

    Phones/Electronic devices are to be kept in a locker during school hours.

    · First and subsequent offense for having phone out is the child will will receive a detention and be sent to put it in the locker.


    ***Phones are not to be carried in bra or at the waistline of pants, shorts