• Frequently asked questions


    Who should apply or who is the typical Tech High student?

    The typical Tech High student is behaved and respectful; has good attendance and maintains good grades.  The campus is quiet and peaceful – outside it is park like in atmosphere.  Students create a little bit of noise as they transfer to the next class, but the volume in chatter is relatively quiet.  (You can have a conversation in our cafeteria during our students’ lunch.)  Students emulate what they see and our students are respectful and happy.

    Some question the rigor of academics in a technical school.  Our students take regular, honors and Advanced Placement courses.  Technical programs are not easy and have rigor.  Over 90% of our students are taking honors level courses.  We differ from traditional high schools as our focus is on industry certifications which can translate to college credit.  

    Do you have supports for those students who may struggle?

    Our instructors offer tutoring during lunch or after school.  We also offer tutoring on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week in an after school program with an instructor.  As it is after school, parents would supply transportation home.



    Attendance Area?

    We are a Pinellas County attendance program which means everyone within our county may attend.  We have students who live in Tarpon Springs, Safety Harbor and south St. Petersburg.

    Transportation Area?

    We provide school bus transportation to mid-county residents.  These areas include zoned schools of Clearwater HS; Largo HS; Pinellas Park HS; Dixie Hollins HS and Seminole HS.  See picture for bus transportation limitations.  Students outside the bus transportation boundary may request a space at an existing bus stop.  Parents would supply transportation to and from that stop daily.

     Pinellas County with bus areas


    Do you offer Performance Electives - Band, Orchestra, Drama and Chorus?

    We will not offer any performance art programs here.  Students who wish to participate in these programs should attend their zoned schools.

    Elective choices?

    Aside from the technical program, which is a two-period block, our students have a few elective choices here.  Business applications, Spanish language and online Pinellas Virtual School electives are available.



    Do you offer any sports programs?

    No, we don’t offer any sports programs here; however, our students are able to participate in their zoned school’s sports programs.  Co-enrollment applications are available at our school and your zoned school. 

    Do you have any clubs or student organizations?

    Yes, we have many clubs and activities for students.  See the top tool bar for a link to the various clubs and activities for our students.


Last Modified on October 7, 2019