• second grade



    Second Grade Spring Concert

    Tuesday, April 14th at 6:30pm

    Students must arrive dressed and ready to the music studio by 6pm




    School Song 🦅

    All classes



    Jambo Bwana 🥁 

    Part 1 (Net, Allison, 1/2 of Heintz) --->

    Part 2 (Crum, Bacon, 1/2 of Heintz) --->



    Ferris Wheel 🎡  

    Orff with Allison




    AAA ☮️   

    Recorders with Heintz




    Jubilate Deo 😇 

    Part 1 (Net, Bacon) --->

    Part 2 (1/2 of Heintz, Allison) --->

    Part 3 (1/2 of Heintz, Crum) --->



     Thunder ⛈ 

    Bucket Drumming with Net and Bacon



    Open Strings 🎸    

    Ukulele with Crum


    Firefly 🔥 

    Flynn's class plays orff

    All other classes will introduce the piece by singing solfége first with hand signs and then lyrics to accompany Flynn's class