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    K/1 Spring Concert

    Tuesday, April 27th at 9:00-9:45am

    Students must arrive to school dressed and ready and will report to their teachers rooms as usual, and line up in concert order there. Students will dance into the cafeteria promptly at 9:00am!




    School Song 🦅

    All K and 1 classes together



    Five Green and Speckled Frogs 🐸

    All of K






    Twinkle, Twinkle ⭐️

    Tomski and Voelker

    Melodic Learning - Singing solfége with hand signs and play on orff and boomwhackers





    Can Can 🥁

    Robinson and Kapeteneas

    Rhythmic Learning - Quarter notes, quarter rests, and eighth note pairs 




    The Cat Came Back 🐈

     All of K

    Tomski - Verse 1 and 2

    Robinson - Verse 1 and 3

    Voelker - Verse 1 and 4

    Kapeteneas - Verse 1 and 5


      Sheet Music

    Accompaniment with Voices



    Sasha 💃

     All of K

    Point at partner with right hand (Sasha! Sasha! Rraz, dva, trree!)

    Clap right 3x (RRR)

    Clap left 3x (LLL)

    Clap both hands 3x (Both Both Both)

    Pat thighs 3x (Down Down Down)

    Hook right elbows and spin (La, la, la...HEY!)

    Hook left elbows and spin (La, la, la...HEY!)

    Say "da-svee-dahn-ya" (bye) and skip or walk around randomly. Stop when the music tells you to. Whoever you happen to be next to is your new partner. If you need a partner, put your hand up. Dancers with hands up find each other. 



    Conga Transition    

    K moves to floor and 1 moves to stage




    Why in the Sky ⛅️

    Perez plays orff and auxiliary. All other 1st sings.



    Little River 💧

    Pike plays orff


    Rain, Rain ☔️

    Truluck plays orff. All other 1st sings with solfége hand signs


    Can't Stop the Feeling 🥁

    Vasallo and Morrison play drums




    Cheki Morena 💃

     All of 1st




    Visual Example with 4th Grade Class