Mental Health & Wellness during COVID-19 for Families

  • We are creating this site so that we can share resources with families that will help support the mental health and wellness of your students during the COVID-19 situation. In addiiton to these resources please remember that the student services staff at your childs school is available to speak with you and your student if you have any concerns. It is normal for us all, including our youth and children, to have feelings of anxiety, sadness, and fear of the unknown. There are things we can do to reduce and manage these and this site is intended to provide ideas and resources for you to be able to utilize at home. If you need to speak to someone call your childs school or the Student Services office at 727-588-6307. 



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    How to Help Someone with Anxiety During Covid 19

    Meals on Wheels for Children

    Tips for time at home

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