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    Technology Issues:  How do you log into TEAMS the first time?  

    Students use your user name we call it your R2.D2.  The log on is R2.D2@pcsb.org

    Please view this document to explain TEAMS for students: Student File How to Use TEAMS

    Parents please watch this video about TEAMS:  video for families about TEAMS




    Technology Issues: Teams slow

    Using Teams via Clever?  Find it slow or lagging, please try downloading teams to desktop through Office 365 suite.  Log into the student’s Clever account, click on Office 365 app, click on Teams, and then in the bottom left hand corner there is a button for “Download Desktop App.”





    Technology Issues:    “I can’t get into Clever.”


    What type of device are you using? Apple iPad, computer, Android or Samsung tables.


    Apple iPad: 

    If you are using an Apple iPad, go to the Apps store to download TEAMS, iReady, Myon, or Microsoft Word, Nearpod, etc. 

    Once downloaded use student's user name to log into the app: here is an example of what the student's address would look like R2.D2@pcsb.org 


    With the apps download you can now use the Clever portal: clever.pcsb.org


    If you have multiple users make sure each child has logged out of their app and clever, closed the browser, press your home button twice then swipe up to make sure open apps are closed. 





    PC windows school or district computer: 

    Can the student log onto the device with their user name and password?  If they cannot please let your teacher know so we can determine what help we can give you. 


    If they can log onto the computer with their user name and password, the clever shortcut icon may not work. Please go to PCSB.org then to Clever. 

    Click on "log in with Active Directory"

    clever log in image







    PC windows computer for a personal computer: 

    Are you using the Google Chrome browser and is it updated? 

    Please use the Google Chrome browser to go to PCSB student if you are using a computer.

    Clever is located on the far left. 

    clever pcsb


    Have you tried clearing your browser cache? 

    Go to your Chrome Browser

    On the far right look for the three vertical dots and click on them

    Click on history 

    locate history



    Once the History opens 

    Go to Clear Browsing data and clear the information then reboot Chrome

    clear cache