• Parents can decide which learning option they want for their child. Students can attend school in person or virtually via MyPCS Online. Below is the process for changing your child's learning option.


    Oldsmar Families,


    We know choosing the best learning environment for your child is an important decision. There is no replacement to face-to-face instruction, for in-the-moment teacher feedback, student interaction which is provided throughout the day in each classroom by our expert teachers.  Oldsmar Elementary continues to take mitigation steps at school seriously as each teacher would like your child at school with us.  Hand sanitizer, hand washing, masks and social distancing, to the greatest extent possible, continue to be a priority.  

    With second semester, January 20, 2021, approaching 25% of our student population remain online. Parents may request a change in Learning Option at any time.

    We will work to honor the change as soon as possible.  Due to most students being back on campus, parents should be aware that changing Learning Options may result in a change of teachers.


    To submit your request:

    • Email baumank@pcsb.org or call 813-855-7316 and speak to Ms. Bauman, Principal
    • Include “Learning Option Change” in the subject of your e-mail
    • In the body of the e-mail, please include your child’s full legal name, grade and best phone number to contact you if more information is needed


    The school will respond to your request within five school days with information on when the change will take place and any important information to make the Learning Option Change successful for your child. If you have additional questions, please contact Ms. Bauman at the e-mail address or number above.



    Kristina Bauman, Ed.S

    Oldsmar Elementary School