• Request A Change in Learning Option: Second Semester

    If you are happy with your current learning option, please do not take the survey. This survey is strictly for a change.

    Second semester begins on Wednesday, January 20th. Parents may request a change for second semester from/to face-to-face learning and from/to MyPCS Online. Parents should be aware that changing Learning Options may result in a change of teachers and/or instructional model.

    Potential Instructional Models Include:

    1. Simultaneous instruction (teacher has students face to face and virtually at the same time throughout the school day).
    2. Full Virtual (MyPCS Online) – Student remains a student at Ozona Elementary
    3. Traditional Face 2 Face  -  Student attends classes on campus

    To submit your request:

    • Complete the Request for Learning Option Form by 11:59 PM on January 3rd in order for our team to makes necessary schedule changes for the beginning of second semester which begins on January 20th.  Click link below to submit a request to change learning option


    For requests after Jan. 3rd, please email Principal Freeman at freemanl@pcsb.org and DMT CeCe Kelly at kellyce@pcsb.org.

    If you have additional questions, please contact the school during regular business hours.