Dual Enrollment Program at University of Florida (UF)

  • The University of Florida offers online college classes to qualified high school students in Pinellas County at no cost to the student. These courses allow students to earn credits toward a high school diploma and a college degree.


    Dual Enrollment is a part-time program, available to qualified Junior and Senior students. Classes are conducted Online only.


    How Do I Qualify?

    Students who wish to take dual enrollment classes at UF must meet the following criteria:

    • The course is not available to take at SPC
    • Unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.6
    • Meet any additional criteria set by the institution
    • Approval by a school counselor/administrator as ready for success at the college level of instruction
    • Have a full schedule of 7 active classes per semester, 4 of which must be at Northeast High School
    • Have no more than 6 college level classes (DE, AP) per semester


    What Test Scores Do I Need to Earn?

    Students must meet the following minimum standardized test scores on one of the identified tests as needed for the requested course:

    SAT:  Composite Score of 1100

    ACT:  Composite Score of 22

    PSAT: Composite Score of 1130


    Contact your counselor to see if you are eligible to take Dual Enrollment classes at UF and for a list of available courses.