• During Summer Bridge, transportation will be provided using arterial routes.  This means that bus stops may be farther than usual during the school day.  It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that students get safely to their bus stops and that they are not crossing dangerous or multi-lane roads.  

    Below is the bus information for Summer bridge.  Please look over the availalbe stops and choose one that is closest to your home.  There is also a map of the stop locations provided.  Once you have chosen your stop, please use the link to the registration form below.  Students must be registered to use the bus.  

    If there is no bus in your area, or if you have any questions, please email, Paul Peppers, Assistant Principal, at peppersp@pcsb.org.  


    Summer Bridge Bus Transportation - Registration Form


    Summer Bridge Transportation    
    Bus 311    
    Stop Location Pickup Time Dropoff
    N Saturn Ave & Airport Dr 6:54 12:38
    S Martin Luther King Jr Ave and South St 7:03 12:30
    117th Dr N & 106th St N 7:14 12:20
    Cumberland Dr & Tiburon Dr 7:21 12:10
    Bus 609    
    Stop Location Pickup Time Dropoff
    Jacaranda Ave & Quail Rd 7:01 12:28
    70th Ave N & 69th St N 7:09 12:20
    52nd Way N & Park Lane Dr 7:19 12:10
    Bus 610    
    Stop Location Pickup Time Dropoff
    High Point Elemetary School @ Bus Circle 7:07 12:10
    Roosevelt Blvd & 400' West of 62nd St N 7:10 12:14
    142nd Ave N & 250' E of Belcher 7:15 12:19
    100' E of 7360 Ulmerton Rd 7:24 12:28
    Bus 817    
    Stop Location Pickup Time Dropoff
    30th Ave N & 100' E of 40th St N 6:37 12:46
    70th Ave N & 200' W of 44th St N 6:46 12:38
    43rd St & 80th Ave N 6:54 12:34
    4th St N & 112th Ave N - SE Corner 6:58 12:24
    116th Ave & 7th Way N @ Apt Entrance 7:06 12:26
    Trinity Ln & Promenade Ct 7:08 12:14
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