• School Technology Collection & Summer Check-Out

    All student technology must be accounted for before the end of the school year. This includes laptop and charger, hot-spot and charger, as well as any additional technology that was issued to your student this school year. Please drive into our car circle and remain in your vehicle. A staff member will meet you at your car to retrieve your technology items. If your student will not be participating in summer school or does not plan to return to our school next year, please notify the staff member so they can check-in the technology and write you a receipt. If your student will be attending summer school, the staff member will take the laptop and re-new the technology equipment release form and bring out for you to sign. It is critical that we account for all of your student’s technology. If technology is not accounted for during this time, a fine in the amount of the equipment could be placed on your student’s account and remain until the device is accounted for or paid for. The collection dates and times are as follows:

    Wednesday 6/9/21 between 9-11AM or 2-4PM

    Thursday 6/10/21 between 9-11AM or 2-4PM


    If you need to be accommodated with a different date/time, please contact Ms. Brown at (727)893-1115 or BrownPay@PCSB.org