Student exposed to positive case at home...

  • My student was exposed to a positive case in our home

    The DOH defines a household member as someone that tests positive and was in the home overnight – so a sleepover at someone’s home that tests positive is included as household member – basically close proximity for a prolonged period of time with someone that is positive for Covid (symptomatic or not).

    If your student has been exposed to a household member that tests positive, please keep them home and report the following information to

    • Full name of student and their grade level
    • When did Covid positive household member start having symptoms (assuming they did) and when did they test positive?
    • Is the student experiencing symptoms? If so, when did they start?
    • Do you plan to test your student?
    • If so, when and please email those lab results.
    • Does your student have siblings at Sanderlin (or elsewhere)?
      • If yes, please let us know their status.  Positive/Negative, Symptomatic/Asymptomatic
      • If yes and sibling is at our school, include their full name, their grade level, lab results, symptomatic or not

     Once the DOH responds with a return date, Nurse Waits will call the family with that information.