Tarpon Springs High School Student Dress Code

  • All TSHS students shall come to campus dress appropriately and ready for learning. The focus is for all students and staff to promote a positive, safe learning environment.


    Students are encouraged to wear:

    • Shirts or blouses which cover the midriff, back, sides and all undergarments including bra straps at all times.
    • Shorts, skirts, divided skirts, dresses and culottes are allowed. *mid-thigh length or longer
    • Pants, trousers, shorts must cover undergarments
    • Clothing, jewelry, tattoos shall be free of the following: profanity, violent images, suggestive wording, sexually suggestive phrases or images, gang like symbols, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs including advertisements for such.
    • Safe footwear of student choice
      • No skater shoes, bedroom slippers, roller skates
    • or gym class, weight lifting class, students must wear tennis shoes *safety


    Students are not permitted to wear:

    • Spandex pants without proper outer garments covering it
    • Yoga pants without proper length shirt
    • See through or mesh clothing: shirts, blouses, dresses or pants
    • Bandanas
    • Clothing traditionally designed as undergarments or sleepwear
    • Clothing not properly buttoned, zipped or fastened with inappropriate holes