Grading and Behavior

  • Grading and Behavior
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    This year your child will be receiving these grades on some papers and his/her progress report. The letters stand for the following:
    E - Excellent
    V - Very Good
    S - Satisfactory
    N - Needs Improvement
    U - Unsatisfactory
    First graders will receive report cards in November, February, and June. Mid-term progress reports will be sent home if your child is not meeting Pinellas County grade level expectations in any subject. We will schedule parent conferences for every child during the first semester. Please make every effort to attend.

    Guidelines to Success
    * Be Respectful
    * Be Responsible
    * Be Honest
    * Be Cooperative

    A Westgate student...
    * exhibits self-control
    * is self-monitored
    * is tolerant

    Parent Assistance

    You can help us by:

    * getting your child to school on time daily.

    * checking and initialing your child's Agenda and going through the take-home folder and returning both to school daily.

    * not allowing your child to bring to school any toys, trading cards, candy, ball-point pens, pencil sharpeners, or purses. 
    * having your child wear sneakers everyday to Physical Education.

    * filling out necessary paperwork so that you can volunteer/or drive on field trips. This process may take up to 2-3 weeks. Please do this by the end of August so you are cleared for the first field trip.

    * helping your child remember to return homework by Thursday each week.

    If you have a question or concern about your child, feel free to contact your child's teacher.