• Homework
    Pencil Bug

    Agenda Books
    First graders will use an Agenda. This will allow us to communicate with you daily. Vocabulary lists will be written weekly in the Agenda. Please write any comments and concerns, initial the Agenda and return it to school each day. 
    Students will bring home work completed, test papers and office bulletins in the Take Home Folder. Remove daily work from this folder each and return it to school daily.

    Reading at Home
    Westgate teachers encourage students to read every night. 

    Reading is a fundamental part of your child抯 educational development. Your child will be bringing home a book every night to increase fluency and to practice reading vocabulary and comprehension. These books are small and are easily misplaced. In helping us maintain these books, please remind your child of the following rules:

    � Keep the book in a special place.
    � Keep the book clean.
    � Keep the book for one night only.

    Please make sure that the book is returned the next school day. If a book is lost or damaged, the child will not be allowed to take home another book until the lost one is paid for. Please make every effort to find the book.