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    Parents play a critical role in the successes our students experience.
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    The Monthly "Opportunities" publication is designed to help students access information concerning scholarships and awards that could help with their post-secondary expenses.
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    EIP St. Petersburg College

    For Pinellas County Schools Dual Enrollment information, visit Advanced Studies and Academic Excellence at www.pcsb.org; select Parents & Students/Academics.

    SPC Home Page
    The St. Petersburg College link is a very helpful tool and resource for managing your college/educational experience. Follow the MySPC link to obtain grade reports.

    SPC Clearwater Campus Map
    This links provides a map of the Clearwater SPC campus.

    SPC Dual Enrollment Program Information
    This link provides information about St. Petersburg College Dual Enrollment programs, how to obtain an SPC College ID Number, and how to submit CPT, ACT or SAT test scores to the college to ensure enrollment in dual enrollment programs.  Click here to learn how to obtain an SPC ID number and to learn how to submit test scores to SPC.

    SPC Testing Center
    This link provides SPC Placement Test information. To be admitted to dual credit classes, Pinellas County Schools students must take either the St. Petersburg College Placement Test, the SAT or the ACT.

    Login to MySPC for Your Records and Transcripts
    MySPC's secure access allows you to:
    Change your address, email and phone on record
    Register for classes and pay fees
    View your financial aid status
    Review your transcripts and grades
    Plan your course schedule
    And much, much more*

    St. Petersburg College has an Academic Honesty policy. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the policies, rules, and the consequences of violations. Read about the policy at: http://www.spcollege.edu/academichonesty/. There is no tolerance for cheating and academic dishonesty. Discipline can range from a zero on that specific assignment to expulsion from the class with a grade of F. Note that copy/pasting published information, whether it's from your textbook or the Internet, without citing your source is plagiarism and violates this policy. Even if you change the words slightly, the ideas are someone else's, so you still have to cite your sources. Cheating, plagiarism, bribery, misrepresentation, conspiracy and fabrication are defined in Rule 6Hx23-4.461, Student Affairs: Academic Honesty Guidelines, Classroom Behavior.

    See your Executive Internship Program Policies in your Syllabus for specific expectations, attendance policies and classroom policies.