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    We thank our sponsors for their ongoing support of EIP and for serving the educational community.

    The Pinellas County Schools Executive Internship Program is a program designed for motivated, academically talented high school seniors who wish to explore career options before investing themselves in college programs. Students enrolled in EIP participate in unpaid internships for 16 hours during the summer session, or during the fall and/or spring for one or two class periods for 10 hours per week, three class periods for 15 hours per week, or for one hour per period per day for enrollment beyond three periods. Because students are participating in a countywide high school program, they are considered "on school property and on school time" while at the internship site, which allows for insurance coverage by the Pinellas County School System as well as through the Executive High School Internship Association.

    Prospective Sponsor Information Sheet 
    If interested in hosting EIP student interns, please complete the form and email to:  blackm@pcsb.org

    Executive Internship Program Brochure
    For general information, please download and save the EIP brochure.

    Sponsor Mentorship Guide
    This includes suggested guidelines for effective mentorship.

    Preparing for Your Intern, A Checklist
    These suggestions may assist you as you prepare to host your intern.

    When participating in unpaid internships, the Executive Internship Program meets all Internship Program criteria established under the United States Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act.

    Executive Internship Program Medical Accident Insurance Plan
    Realizing that Executive Internship Program students are neither paid employees of the sponsoring organization nor volunteers within the organization, the Executive Internship Program provides secondary medical accident insurance for interns as well as insurance through the Pinellas County School District.

    The Sponsor Commitment to Quality Experiential Learning
    View the Sponsor Commitment to providing quality experiences for Executive Interns.
    Gain information about the origins, history, and purpose of the Executive Internship Program.

    Dual Enrollment Information
    Provides background and history of the Executive Internship Program and St. Petersburg College Dual Enrollment program relationship.

    EIP Program Evaluation (Microsoft Word)
    EIP Program Evaluation (Adobe Acrobat)
    For Current Sponsors: We value your opinion. Please evaluate our program and email to: blackm@pcsb.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

    Confidentiality Statement
    This form is designed to assure sponsoring organizations that students have been taught the importance of Confidentiality in every professional setting. Students bring this form to the interview/placement conference. It is signed by the student and witnessed by the hosting sponsor at that time.

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