• 9th Grade Courses

    Agri-science Foundations (Industry Certification)

    Algebra or Geometry

    English 1 or English 1 Honors 

    Biology Honors / Earth Space Science  

    Personal, School, and Career Development 

    Foreign Language 

    10th Grade Courses

    Aquaculture 2 (Industry Certification)

    Algebra 2 or Geometry
    English 2 or English 2 Honors
    Chemistry Honors or Biology Honors
    World History Honors
    Foreign Language

    11th Grade Courses

    Aquaculture 3
    Calculus or College Preparation Math
    English 3 or English 3 Honors
    American History Honors
    Physics or Chemistry
    Foreign Language

    12th Grade Course

    Aquaculture 4 

    Advanced Math Elective or Calculus
    English 4 or English 4 Honors
    Economics and American Government
    Science Elective

    Foreign Language or Electives


    AMSET Recommended Electives

    Honors Marine Science
    AP  Environmental Science
    AP Biology
    AP Chemistry or Physics
    Spanish or French
    Technical Focus -
       - Digital Design  
    • Digital Information Technology
    • Digital Design 1 
    • Digital Design 2
       - Web Design
    • Digital Information Technology 
    • Foundations to Web Design  
    • User Interface Design