Schedule Changes


     **Tarpon Springs High School staff encourages all students to hold themselves to the highest of expectations.**

    It is our expectation that, after discussing with their parents, teachers, and academic advisors, the students will choose their courses with care prior to registration. If a student finds that he/she needs to change a course, it may be possible if he/she contacts the school before June 1st.

    The master schedule is based on the student body's requests. Once a master schedule is created and an individual student's schedule is aligned with it, changing that schedule becomes a difficult, often impossible task.

    Students may experience a change in schedule, only if an administrative correction is needed. Those corrections include the following:

    • Duplicated course

    • Pre-requisite required

    • Classroom size leveling

    • Course entry correction

    If you enroll in an Honors course or Ap course, the expectation is that you commit to the course, and do all you can do to succeed. To obtain an A,B, or C, these courses may require extra study time, your attendance in tutoring sessions, establishing a study buddy or study groups. We do not remove students from Honors or AP courses.