• RCTV is Ridgecrest's own TV broadcast studio run by fourth grade students.  Our news program is aired over closed circuit and video streaming systems for the entire student body.

    The program serves as:

    • an information source for students and faculty by providing details on campus happenings and upcoming events.  
    • a curricular support as announcements are made that reinforce our character education program, and our general academic curriculum areas. 
    • a venue for recognizing student accomplishments.

    The RCTV crew, consisisting of fourth graders, includes news anchors, video and sound mixer technicians, camera operators, script writers, and studio managers.  

    At the end of the year, third graders may apply for positions to be on the crew. Students must be recommended by their teachers as students who well represent Ridgecrest and are fine role models for their peers.  Participating in the RCTV crew gives students the opportunity to apply technology skills in a real world setting while developing various skills related to their individual positions.