John Hopkins Middle School

Center for International Studies in the Arts and Multimedia Journalism

JHMS Tardy Policy

The JHMS Tardy Policy is designed to increase student engagement by requiring students to get to class on time. Those students that elect not to be on time to class will receive a discipline referral. Tardies will be documented individually by each instructor. Students tardy to class will enter class the instructor will document their tardy in his/her roll. Students more than ten minutes late to class will be permitted into class; a discipline referral will be written and forwarded to the appropriate grade level house. Tardies will be calculated every nine weeks

Tardy Policy Consequences:

1st – warning

2nd - warning

3rd and subsequent – Discipline Referral

Students more than ten minutes late to class and students found late during random tardy sweeps will receive a Discipline Referral

*Discipline consequences will range from Lunch/afterschool detentions, ABC, ABS, and out of school suspensions. Student consequences will be based on an individual bases; the student’s discipline history will be a determining factor in the severity of their consequence.