TBARTA Program




  • TBARTA “School Pool” Carpool Program

    What is it?

    The TBARTA “School Pool” Carpool Program matches parents of students at participating schools with other parents at those schools, so they can arrange a carpool to school (a.k.a. School Pool), saving time and money.

    What is new?

    Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, this process is entirely web-based. Parents can create an online profile and instantly receive a match list of other parents making the same daily trip. Then, parents can meet and agree to share the responsibility of carpooling to school, at their discretion.

    In addition to matching car trips, TBARTA can also help parents arrange “walking school bus” and “bike train” groups.

    East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering is acting solely as a referral source for TBARTA regional government agency as a convenience to its families and neither this school nor the School Board assumes any responsibility for liability arising out of your voluntary use of this program, or makes any representations as to the qualifications, safety, or insured status of any driver that you may be matched with under this program.