Instructional 12-Month Option

The instructional 12-month option will pay teachers throughout the summer instead of a 10-month period. The annual salary/contract is the same under both plans. The 12-month option simply spreads this contract over 12 months instead of 10 months. If you wish to sign up for the 12-month option plan you may enroll through employee self-service during the enrollment period. The deadline for making any changes on ESS for the 12-month option is mid- to late-June each school year. PLEASE NOTE: Any changes you make to your 12-month option enrollment will not take effect until the first check of the following school year.

To compare the 10-month pay calculations with the 12-month option pay calculations enter your estimated 2024-2025 annual salary (contract) without commas and then click the calculate button. The formulas for each calculation are listed below.

Enter your Annual Salary/Contract without commas:

Click on this button to calculate the following fields:


10-Month Pay
(21.6 Paychecks)

12-Month Option Pay
(26.6 Paychecks)

Bi-weekly Gross Pay:

First Pay (8/09/24):

21 Bi-weekly Paychecks:

Last Pay (6/13/25):

12-Month Option Pay:
(6/13/25, 6/27/25, 7/11/25, 7/25/25, 8/08/25)

(Paid over 5 checks)

Formulas are based on the 2024-2025 instructional 198-day contract

10-Month Calculations

12-Month Option Calculations

Bi-weekly Pay = annual salary divided by 21.6 Bi-weekly Pay = annual salary divided by 26.6
First Pay = 10% times bi-weekly pay First Pay = 10% times bi-weekly pay
Bi-weekly Paychecks = 21 pays Bi-weekly Paychecks = 21 pays
Last Pay = Annual - (1st pay + 21 pays) Last Pay = 50% times bi-weekly pay
12-Month Option = Annual - (1st pay + 21 pays + last pay) 
Paid over 5 checks every two weeks throughout the summer