Support Summer Savings Plan

The support summer savings plan (SSP) is a voluntary program for all supporting service employees who work less than 12 months. The savings plan is allows each employee the flexibility to decide how much money they will save during the regular school year for later distribution in four (4) biweekly payments over the summer months. Employees select a biweekly deduction amount that suits their budget. Submit PCS form 3-3200 to the payroll department to start, change or stop the deduction amount any time during the school year.

The advantages of the summer savings plan include:

To calculate how much will be deposited on each of the four(4) biweekly payments enter a deduction amount without commas and then click the calculate button.
Formulas are based on enrollment prior to the beginning of the school year with 20 voluntary payroll deductions.

Enter deduction amount:

Click on this button to calculate the following fields:


Total savings for 20 deductions:

Four (4) biweekly summer payments:


Total savings for 20 deductions = deduction amount entered times 20
Four (4) biweekly summer payments = total savings for 20 deductions divided by 4