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    Dear Students and Parents,

    Welcome! We will be studying Super Sleuth/ Mysteries. We will use investigative skills and critical thinking.

    Students will have several projects to reinforce our Unit. I am working on scheduling field trips for the students as well.

    Along with the Unit of study we will also be focusing on our CoRT Thinking Strategies, and our Figure It Out Math program. Both CoRT and Figure It Out Math help students develop critical thinking strategies and encourages them to “Think Outside of the Box”. We also will be using Project M2 and M3. These are math programs that motivate and challenge our students.

    We will have gifted daily this school year. Students will come to gifted during their classroom intervention time. This allows all students to receive the proper interventions.

    Please note the list below. Each grade level is assigned a colored binder, this binder will travel with them each year. This way we won’t have to worry about purchasing new ones each year. If they get very worn I will let you know.

    REQUIRED:  1 ½ inch white binder with clear pockets on outside or:

    • Kindergarten: 1 ½ inch Red Binder
    • First: 1 ½ inch Blue Binder
    • Second: 1 ½ inch Green Binder
    • Third: 1 ½ inch White Binder
    • Fourth: 1 ½ inch Black Binder
    • Fifth: 1 ½ inch Purple Binder
    • 7 dividers
    • 1 pocket folder
    • Clorox wipes (optional)
    • Paper towels (optional)
    • Baby wipes (optional)
    • Tissue (optional)

    Please feel free to contact me anytime. My email is , or by phone at 727-893-2181.

    Whether you are joining us in the beginning, middle or end of the school year, I am confident you will enjoy the challenging world of Gifted. I am looking forward to a fantastic year.

    Tracy Leskanic