Application Information

  • Richard O. Jacobson Technical High School is a magnet high school facility.  In order to attend Tech High, students must apply for placement from anywhere in Pinellas County.  We accept incoming freshmen and sophomores. 

    The normal application process starts in January for fall placement.  Parents will go online to the PCS reservation page and click District Application Programs.  After completing questions on your child and home address, parents will select up to five application programs. 

    In February, parents will log back into the system to see the results of their applications and select a program.  Three result options may be seen - Accepted, the student has a seat in this program; - Waitlisted, the student meets the entry criteria, but at this time the applicant is waiting for an open seat; or - Declined, students may be declined due to discipline issues or needing greater ESE supports than what is available at this school.

    Once an applicant picks a program, the applicant is removed from all other program waitlists.  It is very important to make an informed decision as the applicant will have to reapply if the applicant changes decisions on program choices.

    In the beginning of March programs will start calling applicants who received a waitlist position.  Applicants have 48 business hours to make a decision before the programs go on to the next waitlisted applicant.

    Late applications are accepted mid-March and are placed in a time sensitive order - first apply, first seat (if we have one available).

    Learn more about the District Application Program (DAP) process by going to the DAP website.