• Palm Harbor Middle School      
    1800 Tampa Road, Palm Harbor FL 34683    727-669-1146      
    Home of the Panthers      
    Helpful Phone Numbers   2019-2020 Calendar at a Glance      
    Front Office: 669-1146              
        Extension   August          
    Melissa Athanson Principal     8th 6th Grade Open House 6-730      
    Cindy Seckler Principal Secretary 2005   14th School begins        
    Stephanie Fletcher DMT / Records 2007   September          
    Jackie Bersch Volunteer Coordinator 2045   2nd Labor Day - no school        
            12th  Fundraiser kick off        
    6th Grade Office   12th  7th/8th grade Open House 6-7:30      
    Amber Fletcher Clerk 2036   13th Progress reports go home        
    Liza Vogus Counselor 2051   23rd Picture Day        
    Julius Wynn Assistant Principal 2014              
    7th Grade Office   14th No school for students        
    Donna Stanton Clerk 2037   29th Report Cards go home        
    Gary Green Counselor 2052              
    Donald Comeau Assistant Principal 2016   November          
            13th  Progress reports go home        
    8th Grade Office   15th  Picture retakes        
    Esther Cafariella Clerk 2038   23rd-12/1 Thanksgiving Break        
    Christine Everett Counselor 2053              
    Michelle Lampert Assistant Principal 2015   December          
            16th-19th Midterm exams        
    Additional Support   21st-1/5 Winter Break        
    Kristyn Parrinello VE Specialist 1311   January          
    Tara Bossert Behavior Specialist 2057   6th No school for students        
    Tony Gentile SRO 2222   7th Students return        
    Karen Trembley Cafeteria Manager 2050   20th No school for students        
    Transportation   547-2020   21st Report Cards go home        
        7th Progress reports go home        
    School Hours   17th No school for students        
    Front office hours:   8:30-5:00 daily     March           
    Student hours:         9:40-4:10      14th-22nd Spring Break        
    Lunch times:  1st lunch:  11:25-11:55     24th School reopens        
      2nd lunch: 12:16-12:46     April          
      3rd lunch: 1:07-1:37     6th Report cards go home        
            10th school closed         
    Arrival: Students are permitted to enter the building at 9:20. We ask that students are not on campus prior to this time as there is no supervision of our exterior areas.   24th  Progress reports go home        
            8th 8th Grade Dance        
    Dismissal: Parents needing to pick their student up early for an appointment, we ask that you please allow 15 minutes for our staff to retrieve your student from class and for them to gather their belongings. No students will be dismissed after 3:45 pm.   15th  Gradventure        
      19th 8th Grade Awards Assembly 6:30-8      
            25th No school for students        
            29th  Last day for students        
    Assessment Calendar   Parent Conferences      
    1st Semester Exams Dec 16th - 19th   Parent conferences are held on Mondays and Thursdays from 8:50-9:20. Please arrive 5 minutes early so we can check you in. The purpose of these conferences is to meet with your student's teachers and discuss academic and behavioral concerns. Please contact your students grade level office to set up a conference.      
    10% of overall grade        
    FSA Writing: 6th-8th grade April 1st -12th        
    FSA Reading & Math:  6th Grade May 1st - 14th         
      7th & 8th Grade May 1st - 28th        
    EOC exams: Algebra, Geometry & Civics May 1st - 28th               
    30% of overall grade              
    Science FCAT: 8th grade only May 1st - 14th    Dress Code Policy      
    * these dates are ranges; we will have specific dates on our website   At PHMS we follow the county dress code policy as outlined in the student code of conduct. We have a detailed description on our website for your review. Students who violate this policy will be provided the opportunity to change clothes, call for a change of clothes, be provided with a change of clothes and as a last resort, placed in an alternate location until the student acquires proper clothing.      
    2nd Semester Exams May 22nd-28th        
    10% of overall grade        
    Cell Phone Policy        
    The expectation is that all cell phones are off and in student's lockers during school hours.  First offense is a warning, second and all further offenses the parents will need to come and retrieve the phone from the front office.                                     
    Each grade level office has phones that are available for students to use at any time. Parents may call the grade level offices for our staff to give messages to their students.   ELP       
      At PHMS we have an extensive tutoring and enrichment program. We offer clubs after school and offer tutoring and credit recovery before and after school. Please see our website for the specific times.       
    PHMS Sports   www.pcsb.org/ph-ms       
    All students participating in sports must have a current physical, participation form and school insurance prior to participating in try outs.              
      All visitors to the building must show their driver's license upon admittance to the school. Visitors wanting to eat lunch with a student must be on the student's clinic card in order to do so.      
    Volleyball: 9/10-10/24 *All dates are subject to change*        
    Basketball: 12/2-2/7        
    Track: 3/4-4/18        
    Important Websites:   Get Involved      
    PHMS:   www.pcsb.org/ph-ms      We are always looking for parents to volunteer, mentor and assist in many ways with our school. If you would like to be a business partner or be a part of our PTA we would love to have you. Please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Jackie Bersch at x 2045.      
    o365:  o365.pcsb.org      #VALUE!    
      Log in is R2.D2@pcsb.org          
      password is specific to student        
    Clever: http://clever.com          
    School Philosphy and Safety      
     Our goal at PHMS is to provide all students with an opportunity to receive a top rate education. Palm Harbor is an "A" school and we strongly encourage all students to challenge themselves academically through advanced coursework. Communication is critical at the middle school level for student success. Please do not hesitate to reach out.      
    As a school, we strive to provide students a safe environment. In order to make sure students are aware of what to do in a crisis situation, we will conduct monthly fire drills and active assailant drills. In addition we will have tornado drills each semester.